EN ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a set of criteria for an environmental management system. It maps a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up and operate effective environmental management. We have in house trained auditors who continually check on whether our office equipment and procedures and processes comply with the set requirements. An operation in accordance to these requirements assures a continuous green minded performance.

Green Office Certificate

Our profound commitment to the environment as SHARP Group is instigated by Our President, Kozo Takahashi who outlined in the 2013 sustainable report “To describe the fulfillment of these needs in unison with the creation of value through company business, Sharp sets the term “Green Shared Value.” We have formulated a new environmental policy founded on maximizing this value. Under this policy, we will further improve environmental performance throughout the entire supply chain, including product manufacturing, shipment, product use, final disposal, and recycling”.
It is through implementation of these policies, that SHARP Corporation encourages its subsidiaries and affiliates to improve environmental performance by awarding Green certificates to subsidiaries that have managed to save water, waste and energy in each year. SMEF has won the Green Certificate award for their recognition as one of the subsidiaries that are contributing immensely to the sustainability of the environment through its reduction of its carbon footprint.