Being a subsidiary of SHARP CORPORATION, Japan, we strive to endorse and maintain Sharp’s philosophy of being the company that the society needs. Our involvement in CSR activities envision to uphold, achieve and work towards the objective of being a company that society does not only need but can trust with our forward-looking technologies to sustain, improve and maintain healthy lifestyles.
We consider societal needs in the planning of our CSR activities. Our role as a corporation is to fill gaps and provide assistance to our surrounding community. Despite the challenges we face as an entity, be it changes in customer life styles, advances in technology or political or social instabilities, we continue to make bold measures and innovations on how we can be that company the society needs.
As a company we aim to instill within our team, environmentally friendly ways of conservation, recycling and reusing, which are vital in our objective of joining hands with the world to save and preserve our environment for future generations. Our commitment to the environment is shown in the environmental related activities we take part and initiate. We maintain a green office theme, with which we have gradually converted all office paper to 100% recycled paper and developed an environmentally preferably purchasing policy for all our office equipment.