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Sharp Corporation

Regions Covered

Catering to 76 countries across the entire Middle East, Africa and Central Asian region.

Head Office

22-22 Nagaike-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-8522, Japan 

Tel. +81-6-6621-1221

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Founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, was awarded a patent for the "Tokubijo" snap buckle (he was 18 years old at the time). On September 15, 1912, he established a small metalworking shop in Matsui-cho, Honjo, Tokyo.

Origin of Company Name

Mr. Hayakawa continued to research and improve the techniques for making metal writing instruments, and in 1915, he invented a mechanical pencil that, after further improvements, would take the world by storm. In 1916, Mr. Hayakawa's mechanical pencil was named the "Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil." The present name of the company and its trademark are derived from that product.


In May 1935, the structure of the company was modified to become a joint-stock corporation under the name Hayakawa Metal Works Institute Co. (capitalization: 300,000 yen.)

Capital Stock

121,884 million yen 

Note : Any fractional sum of less than a million yen shall be discarded.(as of March 31, 2014)


[ Fiscal 2013 Financial Results ] 

・ 2,927,186 million yen (consolidated) 

・ 2,039,924 million yen (unconsolidated)


Consolidated: 50,637 

・ Japan: 23,997(Sharp Corporation 17,613 / other Consolidated 6,384) 

・ Overseas: 26,640 (Consolidated) (as of September 30, 2014)

Business Activities

Manufacturing and sales of Product Business (Digital Information Equipment, Health and Environment Equipment, Energy Solutions, Business Solutions) / Device Business (LCDs, Electronic Devices) etc.


Business Activities


Product Business (As of August 1, 2014)

Division Main Products
Digital Information Equipment LCD color televisions, color televisions, projectors, Blu-ray Disc recorders, mobile phones, tablet devices, electronic dictionaries, calculators, facsimiles, telephones etc.
Health and Environment Equipment Refrigerators, superheated steam ovens, microwave ovens, small cooking appliances, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, air fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, Plasmacluster Ion generators, electric heaters, LED lights, network controlled units etc.
Energy Solutions Crystalline solar cells, thin-film solar cells etc.
Business Solutions POS systems, handy data terminals, electronic cash registers, information displays, digital MFPs (multifunction printers), options and consumables, software, FA equipment, ultrasonic cleaners etc.


Device Business (As of August 1, 2014)

Division Main Products
LCDs Amorphous silicon LCD display modules, IGZO LCD display modules, CG-Silicon LCD display modules etc.
Electronic Devices Camera modules, CCD/CMOS imagers, LSIs for LCDs, microprocessors, flash memory, analog ICs, components for satellite broadcasting, terrestrial digital tuners, RF modules, network components, laser diodes, LEDs, optical sensors, components for optical communications, regulators, switching power supplies etc.