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For the comfort and well-being of guests: Sharp Ion-Power - for fresh air in restaurants and hotels

Europe, 01.03.2011

An inviting ambience will make guests feel like staying. Whether guests truly feel at ease and want to stick around, however, has quite a lot to do with the odours they smell around them. Sharp offers the perfect solutions for providing quality indoor air: The Plasmacluster Air Purifiers KC-860E and KC-850E-W as well as the Plasmacluster Ion Generator IG-A40E-W from Sharp neutralise unpleasant odours and filter harmful particles, such as mould spores, out of the air. They ensure for clean air in restaurants, hotels or canteens -- and give guests the feeling that they're breathing in air as refreshingly clean as nature's best.

The sense of smell is the most intuitive of all human senses: Whereas colours or sounds are actively perceived, fragrances are carried directly to the brain. Scent stimuli can trigger different moods within seconds. The Air Purifiers KC-860E and KC-850E-W as well as the Ion Generator IG-A40E-W from Sharp use the one-of-a-kind plasmacluster ion technology to remove undesirable odours from air, upholstery or curtains and eliminate harmful particles such as mould spores and other micro-organisms.  They ensure for noticeably fresh air in restaurant and pub dining areas, in canteens and cafeterias, and in hotel rooms as well as conference rooms, smoker's areas and restrooms.

"If guests enter a room that smells mouldy or like food or in which the air seems stale, they immediately feel ill at ease and don't want to stay any longer than they must," explained Christa Nikionok, Product Manager for New Business Products at Sharp Electronics Germany/Austria. "That's why it is so important in the gastronomy and hotel sectors to make sure the air guests breathe is clean and revitalising," Nikionok continued, "This can be guaranteed by using Sharp's air purifiers or ion generators with Plasmacluster Ion Technology".

Plasmacluster Ion Technology for increased well-being

These astounding results are made possible by a method that the experts at Sharp adopted from nature: High concentrations of positive and negative ions are mainly responsible for the noticeably fresh air found in forests and around waterfalls.  The Plasmacluster Ion Generator in Sharp's air purifiers mimics nature's technique:  It separates the water molecules in the air into its natural components, hydrogen and oxygen. Thousands of positive and negative ions are thereby released into the air and these invisible powerhouses get right to work.  They quickly and safely dissolve unpleasant odours in the air or in textiles and eliminate different kinds of mould spores and other harmful particles.

The Plasmacluster Air Purifiers KC-860E and KC-850E-W also have a humidification function that can be switched on and off to combat dry air in a room. They not only generate a pleasant humidity level in room, but also they remove electrostatic charging which is especially prevalent in rooms with carpeted flooring. And, these purifiers also reduce the amount of dust, pollen or soot particles up to a size of 0.3 micrometres in the air.

The Plasmacluster Ion Generator IG-A40EW is perfectly designed for effective use in conference rooms, foyers or sanitary facilities. It generates up to 25,000 negative and positive ions simultaneously and thanks to its Air Stream Technology, it distributes the ions into every nook and cranny in the room. With four powerful Plasmacluster Ion Generators and a double pre-filter, this slim white compact purifier (W x H x D: 94cm x 48cm x 23cm) efficiently gets rid of "bad" air and creates a truly pleasant atmosphere in a room as large as 50 square metres. When running on the lowest setting, the purifier has a noise level of only 34 decibels and only uses 10 Watts of electricity.

With their quiet noise levels of 17 decibels (KC-860E) and 15 decibels (KC-850E-W) at the lowest fan settings, these Plasmacluster Air Purifiers accomplish their tasks without seeming to make any noise at all. Since the light-up display can also be switched off, these purifiers are ideal for use at night in hotel rooms. When running at the lowest setting, both of these models are quite energy efficient thanks to the integrated inverter-technology (5.5W KC-860E / 3.8W KC-850E-W). With their shapely and compact designs(1), the Plasmacluster Air Purifiers were designed for rooms as large as 48 square metres (KC-860E) and 38 square metres (KC-850E-W), respectively.
The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are available from the internet shops catering to the needs of allergy-suffers "alfda" ( and Mier Hygienetechnik ( The manufacturer's suggested retail prices are €649 (KC-860E) and €499 (KC-850E-W), respectively.

The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator IG-A40E-W can be ordered from the internet shop Mier Hygienetechnik ( for €1,599 (2).

Sharp as a forerunner

The total number of products with Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion Technology sold by Sharp and suppliers from other branches reached the 30 million mark in December 2010. Sharp first started using this technology in air purifiers about ten years ago in September 2000. Although it took about five years to reach the 10 million mark, it only took an additional three years before a total of 20 million products had been sold.  Just two years later, the 30 million mark had been reached. Plasmacluster Ion Technology is spreading at an increasing speed.  Today, Sharp Plasmacluster Technology can be found in many products other than just air purifiers, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines or multi-function printers.

(1) External dimensions (W x H x D):  398mm x 627mm x 288m (KC-860E) and 378mm x 586mm x 265mm (KC-850E-W)
(2) Manufacturer's suggested retail price.

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